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A Sneak Peek Inside FINDING ME AND YOU


A Sneak Peek Inside FINDING ME AND YOU

Here's a sneak peek at some of the writing I did on FINDING ME AND YOU today. And yep, it's a sex scene. Enjoy. :) 

Ruth threw herself onto the bed in the rustically decorated cabin, heaving a giant sigh of relief. Upon arrival at the ranch, she, Derek, and Padme had managed to not only evade her own parents, but had also beaten Derek’s parents back and had avoided meeting any more reuniting Stone family members. Derek had shown Padme to the cabin that his parents had designated for her, then led Ruth to the one they’d share.

“It’s quite progressive of your folks, giving us a cabin for the both of us,” said Ruth as Derek rummaged in his suitcase, extracting a fresh blue button down shirt, peeling his travel worn work attire off. “If it was my parents, they would’ve given us separate cabins even after the wedding.”

“My parents haven’t ever really been critical of my sex life,” said Derek, pausing topless. “They were hippies, did the whole free love thing. As long as I’m safe, they’re happy.”

Ruth lifted her head from the bed, her fiancé’s bare torso suddenly very appealing. With a sultry grin, she rose and crossed the forest green carpet to Derek, placing her hands on his chest. He dropped his old clothes onto the floor and tossed his clean shirt back into his suitcase and wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her close.

“Well, Mr. Stone,” she murmured, leaning her lips up to the tender expanse of his neck, making him shiver. “Shall we thank your parents for their liberal views by practicing our own version of free love?”

Derek feigned shock, pulling back a little even while he tightened his grip around her belly. “Free love,” he said, mockingly aghast. “What are you not telling me?”

She laughed, and trailed feathery kisses along his jawline in response. 

He groaned, feeling his own response start to strain against the inside of his slacks. Twisting away from her teasing kisses, he found her lips with his and kissed her, hard. Ruth drew back for a moment with a little gasp, then caught her breath and returned the kiss just as firmly. 

Then their hands were flying, tugging at this buckle and releasing that clasp, fast and needy, their breath loud with desire in the cozy interior of the cabin. 

Free of their clothing, Ruth fell back onto the bed, tugging Derek on top of her, into her, a loud groan erupting from both of them in unison at the meeting. He retreated and slammed into her, rough and indelicate, and she nipped at his shoulder, his lips, moaning her approval. 

Everything inside of her began to close, to draw together, exquisite tension pulling her deepest places in before she exploded, loud and hard, arms and legs wrapped around her lover as he pumped into her, his own climax washing over him as he rode the waves of hers, melding his hoarse cries with hers, a tangle of salt and skin and desperate feeling.

They lay together, still entwined, tucked into one another as they listened to their breaths slow to the peace of cathartic relief.

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