Cowboy’s Pride

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He's made something of himself and, in spite of herself, she likes what she sees.

Rosalie George hasn't been back to the lakeside tourist town of Paulson, Montana, for years. She's got her reasons -- damned good ones. But this year her family wouldn't let her miss the annual cherry festival, so in an effort to appease the people who loved her so well through so much, she's back in Paulson. When the hotel drops her reservation, she finds herself at Starwood Rest, an up-and-coming luxury camping resort with actual tents and a herd of a horses -- and a hunk of an owner.

Jess Porter was a quiet beanpole of a teenager, voted least likely to succeed after high school. But he stayed in Paulson and, against all the odds, is now owner of Starwood Rest, the best damn glamping spot in the Flathead Valley -- and soon, he believes, in the west. He can handle anything life throws his way -- but when he learns that his high school crush, Rosalie George, is staying at Starwood, he can't shake the feelings for her that come rushing back.

She's got every reason to run from Paulson, and he can't see himself ever leaving. But when Rosalie and Jess reenter each other's orbits, they begin to question what really matters to them, and what's worth giving up for the right reasons -- and the right person.

Releases August 13, 2019 — pre-orders open now!

Reader Praise for Poppy Parkes:

“I spent the morning reading Poppy's newest release and LOVED IT!!! She created characters that felt fully fleshed out in such a short time AND the heat --- Oh Boy! That was something else! NOT a 'dirty' book, a spicy book. With consent focused sex and a respectful male lead ... scenes that were so hot I was sad I read this while my husband was at work.”

“Sweet, romantic with lots of emotional imagery... The instant connection and bond are this romance lover’s dream.”

“Absolutely wonderful! Everything about this story was just lovely! The characters were so likable and were perfect for each other. Love at first sight and fireworks in the bedroom! Loved it!”

“This is a well written story which had me hooked and intrigued throughout, and I look forward to reading more from this talented author, whose work I highly recommend for all.”

“This was adorable. It's a very short, very light read. It's great for a lunch period of for a beach read. The characters are wonderful and the romance is sweet.”

“Wedding Jitters was a sexy bold and daring short story from Poppy, it left me with a bit of a pout actually, only because I really wanted more of Padme and Chase, see where it leads. They are such a contrast but somehow it fits It was brilliantly written. Looking forward to seeing what Poppy Parkes has in store for us next.