wedding jitters book by poppy parkes

Wedding Jitters

a Light Between Us short story

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What is worth risking for love?

Padme has been around the block more than a few times. Unlike her best friend, Ruth, she is not exactly a hopeless romantic. She has calculated the cost of all her past relationships, either for fun or practicality, and she's not looking for anything different.

But then she met Chase. Padme and this quiet and rugged Montana police offer became friends almost at first site -- close friends, even though they live a country apart and haven't seen each other face-to-face for more than a few days total, ever.

But when Chase comes to Boston for Ruth and Derek's wedding, Padme struggles to rein in her feelings for him. She can't deny that something inside her -- something far different from her usually pragmatic self -- wants more than friendship with Chase. But does he feel the same? And is she willing to gamble their certain friendship on the chance of having something more?

In this follow-up short story in The Light Between Us series, fans of Ruth and Derek will thrill at the couple's wedding, and discover if Padme and Chase are destined to be more than friends.

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Reader praise for The Light Between Us:

"This was such a lovely read. I absolutely adore this book. It is a comedy of errors that leads to the ultimate whirlwind romance that should never be."

"I loved this book. I kept losing myself in the story, then would look up and be surprised that I hadn't noticed anything going on around me! There was poetry in some of the descriptions, and that's not something I normally find in romance novels."

"One of the best, well written romance novels I've read. It wasn't predictable and left me guessing how it would end. I'm a follower of the authors blog and look forward to her next novel!!"

Reader praise for Finding Me and You:

“Romantic, tender, and full of emotion — you won’t want to miss Poppy Parkes' latest. Five stars!” — Frankie Love

"More, please!"